Trading Fees & Clearing Fees

Please refer below fee schedule as determined by Asia Pacific Exchange. Fees also vary by product as well as volume traded, venue and/or transaction type.


1. Screen Trade Fees

Product Trading Fee (USD) Clearing Fee (USD)
RBD Palm Olein Futures 0.35/lot 0.15/lot
USD/CNH Futures 0.07/lot 0.03/lot
Crude Palm Oil Futures 0.35/lot 0.15/lot
Gold Perpetual Futures 0.15/lot 0.05/lot
Silver Perpetual Futures 0.09/lot 0.03/lot
Bitcoin Monthly Futures 0.70/lot 0.30/lot
Bitcoin Perpetual Futures 0.70/lot 0.30/lot


2. Block Trade/EFP Fees

Product Trading Fee (USD) Clearing Fee (USD)
RBD Palm Olein Futures No Charge 0.50/lot
USD/CNH Futures No Charge 0.10/lot
Crude Palm Oil Futures No Charge 0.50/lot
Gold Perpetual Futures No Charge 0.20/lot
Silver Perpetual Futures No Charge 0.12/lot
Bitcoin Monthly Futures No Charge 1.00/lot
Bitcoin Perpetual Futures No Charge 1.00/lot


3. Post-Trade Fees*

Fee Type Fee (USD)
Give-up/Take up Fee 0.05/lot
Position Re-opening Fee 0.10/lot
Position Transfer Fee 0.15/lot

*Post-Trade Fees will be waived until further notice.


4. Cash Settlement Fees

Product Fee (USD)
USD/CNH Futures 0.10/lot
Bitcoin Monthly Futures 1.00/lot


5. Delivery Fees

Product Fee (USD)
 RBD Palm Olein Futures 5.00/lot
Crude Palm Oil Futures 5.00/lot


6. Other Fees


7. Rebates



1. All fees above will be calculated on a daily basis and payable to the Clearing House on a monthly basis, unless otherwise stated.

2. All the fees above are subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST).