Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Futures

The contract is currently dormant and not available for trading. For more information, please contact APEX or your respective brokers directly.


Asia Pacific Exchange (APEX) has launched the Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Futures Contract (LFO Contract) at 9pm on 21st Nov 2019. The LFO Contract is the first deliverable product worldwide to facilitate hedging and FOB physical delivery of low Sulphur fuel oil.

Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Futures Contract Specification
Contract Code LFO
Contract Size 10 MT / Contract
Quote Currency USD
Minimum Price Fluctuation US $0.10 / MT
Trading Hours

Singapore time trading sessions: Singapore Business Days
Monday – Friday, Excluding Singapore public holidays

08:55am – 08:59am (Pre-opening Session)
08:59am – 09:00am (Opening Match Session)
09:00am – 12:30pm (Morning Session/1st Session)
13:30pm – 18:00pm (Afternoon Session/2nd Session)

Trading of a Contract shall cease at 18:00pm on its Last Trading Day

Daily Price Limit

+/-10% of Last Settlement Price

There shall be no Daily Price Limit in force for a Contract on its Last Trading Day.

Contract Series Monthly Contracts (12 consecutive months Contracts)
Last Trading Day The last Business Day of the Front Contract Month
Last Delivery Day The last Calendar Day of Contract Month
Delivery Method Physical Delivery at Recognised Warehouses by FOB or inter-Tank transfer
Minimum Deliverable Size 100 Contracts (i.e. a total of 1,000 MT)
Initial Margin Based on SPAN (Click to see Margin Schedule)
Maximum Order Size 500 Contracts per order