Reportable Levels And Position Limits

This section outlines the Large Positions Reporting Level (LPR) and Position Limits for various products offered by APEX.

Bitcoin Monthly Futures Bitcoin Perpetual Futures Gold Perpetual Futures
Silver Perpetual Futures Crude Palm Oil Futures RBD Palm Olein Futures
Gold Futures 1 Troy Ounce 10 Troy Ounce 100 Troy Ounce
Reportable Levels Front Contract 1 lot 1 lot
Individual Contract 5,000 lots 5,000 lots 500 lots 2,000 lots 200 lots 20 lots 1,000 lots 400 lots 400 lots
Position Limits Front Contract 5,000 lots 2,000 lots
Individual Contract 20,000 lots (first 3 contract months)
10,000 lots (last 3 contract months)
20,000 lots 10,000 lots 35,000 lots 3,500 lots 350 lots 15,000 lots 20,000 lots 20,000 lots
All Contract Series Combined 40,000 lots 40,000 lots
Aggregate Position Limits Same Contract Month
All Contract Series Combined 35,000 troy ounce


  1. The Position Limits, Reportable and Accountability Levels are for Open Positions on either side of the market.
  2. The Aggregate Position Limit is for combined Open Positions of related products on either side of the market.
  3. Front Contract: The contract which matures during the month before its delivery month.
  4. Individual Contract: All other contracts that are not the Front Contract.
  5. All Contract Series Combined: The combination of all Contracts.
  6. Same Contract Month: The corresponding Contracts of two related products.