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Asia Pacific Exchange Has Adopted Kpler To Track Real Time Seaborne Flows


21 Oct 2019 11:55 AM

Asia Pacific Exchange has adopted Kpler to track real time seaborne flows to facilitate the process for the recently launched physically delivered products i.e Crude Oil and Fuel Oil. Kpler’s strength is in collating data and running it through advanced algorithms based on pattern analysis, machine learning and linear programming. This allows the Exchange to have a better appreciation and anticipation of the physical delivery process,a better facilitate communication with both Buyers and Sellers trading on the platform to minimise any disruption with the empowered predictive analysis.

About Kpler

Kpler is a data intelligence company providing real-time transparency solutions in commodity markets. Since 2014, Kpler has pioneered the utilization of big data to the benefit of commodity market professionals including world-leading trading houses, industrial and shipping companies, as well as financial players. By providing full transparency around commodity movements, Kpler enables unique insights that help to drive new opportunities and improve business decision making. Kpler has offices in Houston, New York, London, Paris, Dubai and Singapore.