APEX may introduce proposed amendments to its rules and any proposed initiatives from time to time. APEX will issue a circular announcing the commencement of the public consultation of the proposed amendments or initiatives.  APEX will provide a reasonable period of time for participants and the public to comment on the proposals.  In most instances, a minimum period of 15 calendar days will be provided. After the close of a public consultation, APEX will review and study the feedback received.  Where the feedback is substantive, or where the proposals have been revised to incorporate such feedback, APEX will provide a summary of the comments and APEX’s responses. 

APEX invites the public to provide comments on proposed amendments to its rules and any proposed initiatives. 

Consultation Papers 
AttachmentsStart Date

Close oConsultation

Circular - Consultation for Proposed Revisions to APEX USDCNH Futures Contract Specifications and Clearing Procedures.pdf


APEX USD_CNH Contract Specification (redlined).pdf

APEX Clearing Procedures (redlined).pdf

2019-06-032019-06-17 [CLOSED]

Circular – Consultation for APEX Perpetual Currency Futures Contract.pdf

Perpetual_AUD_Contract Specification.pdf

Perpetual_CHF_Contract Specification.pdf

Perpetual_CAD_Contract Specification.pdf

Perpetual_CNH_Contract Specification.pdf

Perpetual_EUR_Contract Specification.pdf

Perpetual_GBP_Contract Specification.pdf

Perpetual_JPY_Contract Specification.pdf

Perpetual_NZD_Contract Specification.pdf

2019-03-222019-04-10 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for APEX Crude Palm Oil Futures Contract.pdf

APEX Crude Palm Oil Futures Contract Specification Consultation.pdf

2019-03-042019-03-18 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for APEX Fuel Oil 380 Futures Contract.pdf

APEX Fuel Oil 380 Contract Specification Consultation.pdf

2018-12-072018-12-21 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for changes to the APEX RBD Palm Olein Contract ....pdf

APEX RBD Palm Olein Futures Contract Specifications (redlined)(for consu....pdf

Appendix 1. Odd Lots Treatment (redlined)(for consultation).pdf

2018-11-292018-12-13 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for Changes to Rules and Procedures.pdf

APEX Trading Rulebook (for consultation) (05092018).pdf

APEX Clearing Rulebook (for consultation) (05092018).pdf

APEX Trading Procedures (for consultation) (05092018).pdf

APEX Clearing Procedures (for consultation) (05092018).pdf

2018-09-052018-09-19 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for USDCNH Futures Contract.pdf

APEX UC Contract Specification Consultation.pdf

2018-08-282018-09-11 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for Clearing Procedures.pdf

APEX Clearing Procedures.pdf

2018-01-082018-01-23 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for Palm Olein Contract.pdf

APEX RBD Palm Olein Futures Contract Terms.pdf

2017-12-262018-01-10 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for Trading Procedures.pdf

APEX Trading Procedures.pdf

2017-12-052017-12-20 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for Clearing Rules.pdf

APEX Clearing Rulebook.pdf

2017-09-272017-10-11 [CLOSED]

Circular - Consultation for Trading Rules.pdf

APEX Rulebook.pdf

2017-08-242017-09-08 [CLOSED]