APEX places a huge emphasis on its technology architecture and infrastructure. The technology team at APEX ensures the efficiency, safety and reliability of its system. Besides ensuring APEX’s technological innovation and smooth operations, the international team of talented individuals provides comprehensive support to global market participants. In order to serve the needs of market participants from different regions, APEX uses an integrated global system that adopts internationally recognized risk management procedures and leverages the reliability of Chinese pre-trade risk control systems and its ease of use. APEX has two Tier 3 level data centres in Singapore, providing customers with co-location and direct market access options. The combination of its high-performance trading system and leading clearing and surveillance system ensures the efficiency and stability of trading operations.

Trading System

APEX trading system provides trading capabilities for futures and options across multiple asset classes combined with low latency and high availability. The major components of the trading system include Order Routing, Matching Engine, Pre-Trade Risk Control and Market Data Platform.

APEX provides native API that can be easily integrated with existing Independent Software Vendors (ISV) or In-House developed Trading Platforms. Below is a list of ISVs that have connected to APEX:

  • ATP

  • CQG

  • Direct Access

  • Esunny

  • IONGroup

  • Stellar Trading

Clearing System

APEX’s Clearing Platform is built on top of TradeEXPRESS™ clearing solution developed by Cinnober. It provides cross-asset clearing services with real-time risk management for APEX Clearing Members.  

Clearing members may access APEX clearing through following means:

  • Programming Interface:  Member can connect their proprietary or third-party back-office system to APEX-Clear via Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol. The API provides real-time update on trades, post-trade actions and position. Additionally, API also supports queries on historical trades.

  • Clearing Graphical User Interface (cCran™):  The GUI front end provides members with comprehensive view of their accounts, trades, positions and margins. Members can also manage post-trade actions and collateral transactions through this front end.

  • Full suite of reports in pdf and csv format through sFTP:  APEX provides full set of reports for reconciliation. They are made available through sFTP.

  • Independent Service Providers (ISV): We also have a range of back office solution providers already integrated with APEX which can provide full set of IT solutions to members.

The connectivity between the Clearing system and other systems is illustrated in the diagram below.

system flow chart V2.png

Market Surveillance System

APEX deploys a sophisticated surveillance platform to monitor the market integrity in real-time manner. The platform will help market surveillance team identify and manage potential risks of market abuse, fraud and operational shortcomings.

Market Data Services

APEX publishes comprehensive market data, from prices to reports, covering all contracts traded on the Exchange. APEX offers a number of solutions to access the data to suit different budgets and business needs.

Co-Location Services

APEX Co-Location Services offer connectivity, hosting, and support in the Tier 3 data centres in Singapore. APEX provides equidistant, low latency connectivity to the APEX trading platform.

For more details about APEX systems connectivity or services, please feel free to contact us.


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