How To View APEX Market Data


Esunny (Both PC Client and Mobile App)

Thomson Reuters


WIND Financial Terminal

WebStock myTrader


Esunny (Both PC Client and Mobile App)

  1. Click the link down below to download the latest copy of Esunny PC Client EPOLESTAR or Android Moblie Version (only Chinese version). 

    Local Download: epolestar9.3.rar

  2. iPhone users could get the moblie app (only Chinese version) from AppStore. Simply search 易星 to download and install. Android users could visit EPOLESTAR website or scan the QR code right here to download.



   Open the menu here and select APEX.

  1. blob.png

  2. Change language in Options→General→Language settings.



  3. Mobile App provides real-time APEX market data for both iOS and Android users. 


    It also provides two skins for users to select.

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  4. For more details, please click the link down below to access detailed instruction documents and training videos.

Thomson Reuters

With this new launch, Thomson Reuters will support real time data for APEX on its ultra-low latency data distribution network, Elektron.

Apex provides Level 1 Quote data and Level 2 Market by Price data. The RIC syntax for Apex for Level 1 and Level 2 MBP on Elektron is as follows:


Palm Oil Futures : ATOPF

RIC : <TR RIC Root>+ <1 Character Month code> + <1-digit Year code>


The RIC syntax for APEX for Legacy Level 2 on Elektron is as follows:

RIC - <TR RIC Root>+ <1 Character Month code> + <1-digit Year code>+<d>

Sample RICs - ATOPFV8d, ATOPFU8d

Futures Depth Chain: 0# + <TR RIC Root>+ <1 Character Month code> +<1-digit Year code>

Sample RICs 0#ATOPFU8

Futures List Chain: 0# + <TR RIC Root>+ ":"

Sample RIC: 0#ATOPF:

Why is the change occurring:

Asia Pacific Exchange-APEX, is an international derivatives exchange approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the third exchange with the “Approved Exchange” and “Approved Clearing House” licenses in Singapore. Thomson Reuters will support the real time data of RBD Palm Olein Futures


What is the impact of the change:

Permissioned Thomson Reuters Customers will have access to the new Apex content. The data will be supported on Eikon and Data scope products.


File code impacted : 5847

File Code Name : Asia Pacific Exch (APEX) Futures

Datascope Clients will receive MR (Rename) and OT/RT

(Opportunity/Revision Record for Futures)

These Changes will be available in 07th Sep 2018, EM010907.m/EM110907.m as on 07th Sep 2018.

All reference fields containing the RIC Root or RIC’s will be impacted by this change


Current (End of Day) - -> New (Real time)

RIC Root : AXPOF --> RIC Root : ATOPF

Current Sample RIC : AXPOFU8 --> New Sample RIC : ATOPFU8


What action do you need to take:

Thomson Reuters customers need to make note of the above change and have to setup their trading system accordingly. In order to subscribe to this Elektron offering please ensure you are permissioned for this orderable service and subscribe/map your systems to ingest data from PE 2923.


What are the commercial details:


The end user fees are waived until 30 June 2019.


What does this mean if you redistribute content:


Clients will need to contact APEX directly for details on any other fees if applicable.


What additional information is available:


For additional information related to APEX Palm oil futures, please refer to the speed guide <ATO/FUTEX1>


Please refer to the attachment <DN099530_6th_Aug_2018.xlsx> for additional details. There will be a separate DN raised to communicate the RIC rename on historical database.




Below is PF1811 screenshot.



By typing PFPA Comdty EXC <GO> in Bloomberg terminal, APEX real-time market data will be subscribed. 

And subscribing to L2 is easy, what the client needs to do is:

  1. Load the ticker, {PFPA Comdty DES <GO>}

  2. Run {EXC <GO>}

  3. Tick the check box for L1 or L2, and then click "1) Request Access" at the top of the table

  4. Logout and re-login.


You could also ask the clients to just reach out to Bloomberg global customer support by pressing F1 twice. Customer support team will be able to guide each client to subscribe. 

WIND Financial Terminal

Type 60 in search bar located in right-bottom corner


Click the search result 60, to open the new tab “Quotes: A Shares”


Drag “Quotes: A Shares” tab to tree menu item “Futures”, select “Singapore APEX”


Double click “APEX All Varieties” to load APEX market data on right window

WebStock myTrader

Download latest myTrader software.

Download Link of English Version


Some client reported that after upgrading to latest version via online upgrade, they still cannot see APEX contracts available on the software. The development team of Wenhua confirmed that it’s a known bug. This bug can be fixed by uninstalling / reinstalling latest myTrader software. 

Before uninstalling, please backup your configuration and preferences into a file, so after reinstallation, you can still restore the configurations back. 


Click Menu “System”-> “Update trade code”to download contracts listed on APEX.



Right click on “Custom” tab, and click “Contract Management” menu to add APEX contracts


View APEX market data on “Custom” tab


Pobo 5

Download latest software from


Click Menu “Sector板块”, and select “APEX交易所” and “all contracts 所有品种”