• USD/CNH Futures Contract Introduction

    This article introduces APEX USD/CNH Futures Contract.

  • [COFCO] APEX SPAN Margin Mechanism Introduction (Chinese)

    This article takes APEX as an example to introduce SPAN which is an international margin calculation mechanism.

  • APEX Palm Oil Future Compete for Global Pricing Benchmark (Chinese)

    Nowadays palm oil industry looking foward to an active contract dominated in USD. APEX palm oil based at Singapore, the international logistics center, and settled in USD, which made it well fit the needs of spot market. And with the increasing trading vo

  • How To View APEX Market Data

    This article introduces how to view APEX market data through various ISV products.

  • The key features and advantages of APEX Palm Olein Futures

    The APEX Palm Olein Futures Contract is denominated in US dollars, which is in line with the international trading market in order to avoid the unnecessary risk of exchange rate fluctuations. FOB physical delivery method is able to facilitate the internat

  • Arbitraging strategies of Palm Olein Futures

    The arbitraging of palm oil futures includes inter-temporal arbitrage, cross-market arbitrage, cross-species arbitrage, just to name a few. On top of providing the strategies of arbitrage for palm oil, this informative section also explains in detail the

  • Hedging strategies of Palm Olein Futures

    Based on the terms of the palm oil futures contract, buy hedgers are able to lock in the cost of purchase whereas sell hedgers are able to lock in the profit from sales. In the international trading arena, the base difference method allows buyers to lock

  • APEX Palm Olein Futures brings opportunities to investors

    APEX Palm Olein Futures Contract brought along new channels for spot trade, created new tools for hedging and provided an innovative “three-legged” arbitrage model in order to provide marketing and strategizing opportunities for CTA investment.

  • Factors that are affecting the prices of palm oil

    There is a variety of factors that affect the price fluctuation of palm oil. Demand and supply chain, market perspectives, exchange rates, and tax rates are some of the factors that will have an influence on the prices of palm oil.

  • Why invest in Palm Olein Futures product?

    Palm Olein Futures is able to help commercial clients to implement risk management rules. It also provides speculative opportunities for both long and short-term basis. Besides this, Palm Olein Futures also provide cross-species palm oil and in return lea

  • The background profile of the palm oil industry

    This informative section provides a comprehensive overview of the palm oil’s positioning in the global oil market, the seasonal characteristics of the palm oil production and its production processes, various categories of the palm oil product, as well as

  • Introduction of other delivery methods

    In addition to the FOB delivery method, APEX allows other delivery methods as well such as spot delivery, alternative delivery, etc. It will also offer customers a wide range of options to meet the complex and ever-changing delivery needs.

  • Introduction of delivery ports

    The designated delivery ports of APEX palm olein futures contract are mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia as these two countries have the largest production of palm oil in the world. Indonesia and Malaysia are the main distribution centers for palm oil, have

  • Introduction of FOB delivery method

    One of the key advantages of APEX palm olein futures contract is the adoption of FOB delivery method. This FOB delivery method enables APEX to meet the actual needs of commercial customers; this will then influence APEX prices to be similar to the market’

  • The demand and supply trends within the international palm oil industry

    This section provides a detailed overview of the demand and supply trends within the international palm oil industry, which include global outputs, exports, imports, consumption, and the geographical distribution of these quantitative factors.