APEX is led by a team of capable leaders and board members who work seamlessly together in managing all business strategies and each member is responsible for a specific part of the business. 


Chairman, APEX


Lim Hwee Hua is the Chairman of Asia Pacific Exchange (APEX), a Singapore-based derivatives exchange.   


A former Minister in the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office and concurrently Second Minister for Finance and Transport, she was first elected to Parliament in December 1996 and served until May 2011. Prior to joining the Singapore Cabinet, Mrs. Lim served as Research Manager at Swiss Bank Corporation and Head of Research and Director of Business Development at Jardine Fleming. She later joined Temasek Holdings in 2000 and served as Managing Director of Corporate Stewardship, and subsequently of Strategic Relations. At Temasek Holdings, Mrs. Lim oversaw divestments, restructured and established governance standards for companies, as well as strategic relations with key foreign counterparts. 


Chief Executive Officer, APEX


Eugene Zhu is the Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific Exchange (APEX), a Singapore-based derivatives exchange.

A pioneer and founder of the Chinese futures market, Eugene's career is an expansive and distinguished one. Before APEX, Eugene held appointments including CEO of Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) and China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX). He was also Chairman of the China Futures Association (CFA). As CEO of CFFEX, Eugene oversaw the preparation, launch and operation of the first stock index futures contract in China (CSI300 Index Futures Contract). In 2015, CFFEX was ranked the third largest exchange globally in terms of trading volume of stock index futures.